Recent Fortis Announcements

Recent Fortis Announcements

Following recent press coverage about Fortis Group, we can confirm that the following announcement has been made:

The Governments of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have invested EUR 11.2 billion in the respective Fortis bank institutions in each country. This is a strong signal of confidence by the respective governments in the long-term viability of Fortis. Importantly the Company will continue to operate under the Fortis Brand.

Fortis will sell its interest in ABN AMRO (RFS Holdings)
Fortis UK operates as a separate legal entity from Fortis Group. We are regulated by the FSA in the UK. We are a robust business with a strong capital position and with continued growth in profitability. We are having another good year and in June reported a half-year profit before tax of £43.3 million.

In the UK the insurance operations have not been affected by the recent events and our customers should not be concerned as it is very much business as usual. Their policies will not be impacted in any way and we remain committed to putting their needs first.

The measures taken by the Governments in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to invest in Fortis are a signal of their confidence in Fortis and should provide comfort to our and your customers.

More information about the Group announcement is available at

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