Update on Fortis’ position in the UK following the Group announcements

Update on Fortis’ position in the UK following the Group announcements

Further to announcements over the weekend and on 6th October 2008, we can confirm that Fortis Group will continue to include Fortis Insurance International, which encompasses the Fortis insurance businesses in the UK.

Fortis UK operates as a separate legal entity from Fortis Group, and is a robust business with a strong and improving capital position. This is evidenced by the business ending the half-year 2008 with shareholders funds in excess of £295m, and with continued growth in profitability. For our main insurance company, Fortis Insurance Limited, we have capital in excess of 2.5 times the minimum capital required by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Our UK businesses are also separately regulated by the FSA.

Our customers need not be concerned about their insurance policy with Fortis, which remain in place. Claims will continue to be managed in the usual way.

The following is a summary of the recent changes at Fortis Group:

The Dutch Government has purchased:

Fortis Bank Netherlands
Fortis Group’s interest in ABN AMRO
Fortis Insurance Netherlands
Fortis Corporate Insurance
Having acquired 49% share of Fortis Bank Belgium last week, the Belgian Government has acquired the remainder of Fortis Bank Belgium. Following this the Belgian Government has agreed to transfer 75% of Fortis Bank Belgium to French owned Banking and Financial Services Company BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas acquired 100% of Fortis Insurance Belgium.

Fortis Insurance International, which includes Fortis UK, covering both the Life and non-Life businesses, remains part of the Fortis Holding Company.

For more information about the Group announcements, please visit www.fortis.com.

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