Motorists can get more back from current fuel prices with the Shell MasterCard from Citi

Motorists can get more back from current fuel prices with the Shell MasterCard from Citi
The UK’s 42.9 million drivers (source: DVLA, 31 March 2008) could save up to an estimated £63.18 each, or over £27 million a year 1 in total, by using the Shell MasterCard from Citi to pay for fuel.

Cardholders receive 3% cash back on fuel purchases at participating Shell Service Stations in Great Britain and 1% 2 cash back on all other purchases using their Shell MasterCard from Citi. Any cash back earned is credited to the customer’s account and redeemed against future Shell fuel spend, providing they continue to purchase Shell fuel in Great Britain 3 . In addition, the pence per litre saving increases along with pump prices, because savings on the card are calculated by a percentage cash back.

Cardholders can increase the amount of cash back earned further by using their card for everyday non-Shell fuel purchases. Citi calculates that consumers could drive down their fuel costs and save around £135 each year 3, just by using their card to pay for Shell fuel, supermarket spend and other shopping.

‘We understand that fuel makes up a significant part of monthly spending, so the Shell MasterCard from Citi can help our customers get more out of their household budgets,’ said Nick Adams, General Manager Retail Sales & Operations at Shell.

‘The Shell MasterCard from Citi is perfect for everyday use because it helps motorists to reduce their fuel costs, and if pump prices go up so does the pence per litre saving,’ said Nana Banerjee, Head of Cards at Citi. ‘The world’s largest credit card issuer and Shell are offering UK consumers a world class credit card with real purchasing power,’ he added.

Additional card benefits include:
0% p.a. on balance transfers for 12 months 3 (3% fee, minimum fee £5)
Motoring benefits - including offers and discounts
Up to 70% off standard rate motor insurance premiums - based on 9 years’ no claims bonus (provided by Heath Lambert Insurance Limited)
30% discount on the standard RAC membership rate for life and receive free joint cover too (provided by RAC Motoring Services)
No annual fee
Free Citi alerts - receive account updates via text message, email or both
Active fraud protection - to safeguard cardholders against fraudulent activity.
The Shell MasterCard from Citi is part of a competitive stable of products for Shell in the UK. including the Shell Drivers’ Club loyalty scheme which rewards motorists with money off Shell fuel vouchers, AIRMILES or donations towards CO2 reduction projects.

To apply for the Shell MasterCard from Citi, call 0870 010 7301, visit, go to any Shell Service Station for a leaflet, or go to and click the ‘credit cards’ tab.

Notes to editors:

1 Based on five refills of 30 litres each a month and an average Shell pump price of £1.17 pence per litre. Pump prices may vary. The £63.18 figure can be calculated by multiplying the fuel price per litre by 30. Then multiply by 5 and calculate 3% for 12 months: 0.03*(5*(1.17 *30))*12. As there are 42.9 million drivers in the UK, that’s a saving of £27.10 million a year.

2 Excludes Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man where customers receive 2% and 1%.

3 Subject to Terms and Conditions. A customer’s earned Shell cash back on all spend as shown on their statement will only be redeemable against the value of future Shell fuel purchases in GB. If Shell fuel purchases in GB are less than the customer’s earned cash back as shown on their statement, the difference will be rolled over to their next statement to be redeemed against future Shell fuel purchases in GB. If the customer does not purchase Shell fuel in GB for six months or more, any Shell cash back earned more than six months previously but not redeemed will be lost.

3 Example based on a monthly spend of: £175.50 on Shell fuel in GB, £400 on supermarket shopping, and £200 on other purchases on the card, calculated as follows:

3% of £175.50 on fuel, 1% of £400 on supermarket shopping, 1% of £200 on other purchases = £11.26 per month, or around £135 a year.

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