Credit Suisse Announces Delisting of Three ELEMENTS® ETNs New York, March

Credit Suisse Announces Delisting of Three ELEMENTS® ETNs New York, March 10, 2009 Credit Suisse announced today the withdrawal of three of its ELEMENTS® exchange traded notes (ETNs) (the “Securities”) from listing on NYSE Arca due to expected trading volumes insufficient to support an exchange-traded market. The effective date of the withdrawal, at which point the Securities will no longer be listed on a national securities exchange or quoted on any quotation medium, is expected to be on or about April 3, 2009. The Securities may trade, if at all, on an over-the-counter basis. As a result of the delisting, intraday indicative values for the Securities will no longer be published. However, it is expected that the daily closing indicative value of each Security will continue to be published on Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC (“CSSU”), an affiliate of Credit Suisse, the issuer of the Securities, expects to bid for Securities offered for sale to it by holders of the Securities. However, CSSU is not required to do so and may cease making bids at any time. CSSU’s bid prices for each Security will be posted via the Security’s corresponding CUSIP number (listed below) on Bloomberg. A Security’s bid price may vary from its published indicative value, which is based on the Security’s underlying market measure. Credit Suisse does not expect to issue any additional units of the Securities to be delisted. As a result, the maximum amount of Securities outstanding at any given time is not expected to exceed the amount of Securities outstanding as of the date hereof. If Credit Suisse does decide to issue additional units of any of the Securities, it is expected that CSSU will act as underwriter for those issuances.

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