High Investor Interest at the Opening of CSA Real Estate Switzerland

High Investor Interest at the Opening of CSA Real Estate Switzerland
Investment Group
Zurich, February 19, 2009 The CSA Real Estate Switzerland (CSA RES) investment group that
was open for subscription from January 19 to February 6, 2009, met with extraordinarily high
demand from investors. The targeted maximum volume of CHF 200 million was significantly
oversubscribed at an amount of CHF 1.072 billion.
The CSA Real Estate Switzerland investment group is the largest real estate investment group of any
Swiss investment foundation. In January 2009, the investment group exceeded the threshold of four billion
Swiss francs in total assets for the first time.
Due to the lack of investment opportunities in the area of real estate, the CSA RES investment group was
closed for subscriptions on January 8, 2004. Successful investment in new residential and commercial
buildings as well as water infrastructure allowed debt capital to be built up, which is why the investment
group is now being opened for investors. At CHF 1.072 billion, investor interest was around five times
higher than the fixed maximum volume of CHF 200 million. Depending on the progression of property
purchases and projects, a further opening may take place in the second quarter of 2009.
The CSA Real Estate Switzerland investment group invests mostly in ideally located, profitable, and easyto-
rent multi-family dwellings close to conurbations. Business premises in preferred locations may also be
purchased. The newly subscribed assets will be used to extend the high-quality portfolio and reduce debt
Roland Kriemler, Director, Credit Suisse Investment Foundation, tel. +41 44 333 20 40
Andreas Roth, Product Manager, CSA RES, tel. +41 44 333 42 48
Tobias Egli, Corporate Communications, tel. +41 44 333 44 27
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