Eight Allianz Commercial employees have returned from the trip of a lifetime, sailing around the coast of the Canary Islands, in association with the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST).

For the third year in succession, Allianz Commercial’s ‘Voyage to Development’ programme has provided staff with the opportunity to enhance personal development, team work and leadership skills in a unique environment.

The eight employees were split into two crews before embarking on an eight-day tour aboard the JST tall ship, Tenacious. Manned by a 20 able-bodied and 20 mixed physical ability crew, each voyage had a diverse integration of ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Whilst learning how to set the sail, climb the mast and navigate the ship, Allianz employees were ‘buddied’ with a disabled crew member. Allianz staff also voluntarily spent a day in a wheelchair or blindfolded to find out how they would cope with the day-to-day activities without full mobility or being able to see.

Commenting on the voyage, Allianz crew member, Kerry Myles, said:
“It was a privilege to be selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity. As an active member of the crew, team-work as well as individual leadership and communication skills were essential in making the voyage a success. Many new friendships were formed and skills developed that can be transferred to the workplace.”

David Martin, head of SME affinity and broker markets, Allianz Commercial, said:
“At Allianz, we understand that developing the leadership skills of our staff is of critical importance to creating a sustainable and successful business in the longer term. The Voyage to Development programme supports these aims and incorporates many of the company’s values, including a passion to invest in our staff and make it a great place to work.”

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