Anyone visiting the Justgiving website can now use PayPal to make a donation. Adding PayPal, the most popular online payment service, has been a frequent request from Justgiving’s users. The development team are extremely pleased to have integrated it into Justgiving’s donation process, and become the only online fundraising platform in the UK to do so.

Elizabeth Kessick, Justgiving’s head of user experience and usability, said, “We’re really delighted to offer people the ability to donate through Justgiving using PayPal. This has been a common request in our user surveys and research, and lots of users told us they thought they’d raise more, or donate more, if PayPal was an option.

We always strive to make our site as easy to use as possible through constant user testing, and we’re confident that adding PayPal will mean the Justgiving website will help even more people to donate and fundraise for their favourite charities online.”

This is also great news for charities using Justgiving, because it connects them with PayPal’s 20 million customer accounts in the UK. PayPal will be promoting the ability to donate to charity through Justgiving to its customers through email campaigns.

So not only does it make it easy for PayPal users to donate on Justgiving, PayPal will be actively encouraging charitable giving to their users - something that’s a great boost to charities in these tough economic times.

Cameron McLean, PayPal’s general manager for UK merchant services, added, “Justgiving has made a huge difference by making it easy to raise funds online for good causes, ending the days when we had to ask friends to donate by cheque for sponsored events. I’m sure our customers will be quick to take advantage of the ability to donate through PayPal and Justgiving

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