- PayPal launches innovative security service via text message -

PayPal’s customers in the UK can now opt for an extra layer of security to help keep them even safer online. The PayPal SMS Security Key texts a unique security code to the customer’s mobile phone for them to use to log in to their account, in addition to their usual username and password. It will give further reassurance against online fraud, especially for customers who use shared computers.

To sign up for the optional SMS service, which comes at no extra cost to the user except for their mobile provider’s standard text messaging charges, customers should visit

This type of extra security, known as two-factor authentication, is used by several UK financial institutions to protect consumers against online fraud such as phishing attacks. However, most require customers to have the bank’s own security token with them when they log in to their account or carry out certain transactions or account changes. PayPal’s SMS version has the advantage that customers who have a mobile phone don’t need to carry an extra device with them and can start using the service within minutes.

PayPal is also offering a physical security token costing £3 for those who prefer this to an SMS service.

Security Key SMS

Security Key Token

* Customer clicks ‘Send SMS’ button when logging in to account.
* Code received via SMS.
* User enters this code along with their normal user name and password.
* The code then expires and no-one else can use it.
* The SMS Security Key is provided at no extra cost to PayPal users.*

· An electronic device – or “token” – designed to be carried on a key ring.

· Creates a new security code every 30 seconds

· User enters this code along with their normal user name and password.

· The code then expires and no-one else can use it.

· The Security Key token costs £3, with no monthly service fee or additional costs.

Garreth Griffith, Head of Risk Management at PayPal UK comments, “PayPal has always taken online security very seriously and is famous for not sharing customers’ financial information. As a result, successful fraud attacks on PayPal accounts are very rare. But we know that some people want extra reassurance, and that’s what the PayPal Security Key will offer. It’s like a combination lock for your account – designed to let you in and keep others out, with the extra safeguard that the combination always changes.

“Offering the Security Key via text message is really important as we want to make it as quick and convenient as possible. You just need your mobile phone to use it, saving the hassle of carrying another gadget around with you.”

The PayPal Security Key is part of the VeriSign Identity Protection Network.

PayPal works closely with the internet industry in the fight to keep consumers safe from phishing and cybercrime. PayPal is a partner in the UK’s internet safety awareness initiative, Get Safe Online ( PayPal works with internet service providers to stop fraudulent emails from reaching consumers: Yahoo! Mail and Google’s webmail service Gmail™ both block emails wrongly claiming to be from eBay and PayPal from reaching their customers.

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