Ūkio bankas employees became blood donors

Ūkio bankas employees became blood donors

Supporting the idea of voluntary donors, Ūkio bankas head-office staff became blood donors. On 20 January, the Bank’s employees donated blood to Kaunas Blood Donors Centre.

The Day of Blood Donors was for the first organised in the Bank by the initiative of Ūkio bankas employees but this campaign in expected to become an annual tradition of Ūkio bankas staff. “I believe that the initiative encouraging blood donation will be supported every year. Employees from Kaunas-based Ūkio bankas head-office have set a good example for other branches and units of Ūkio bankas. I am sure that our colleagues in other Lithuanian cities will join this initiative and become blood donors,” Rasa Kriščiūnienė, director of Ūkio bankas Human Resource Department, said.

According to data released by the National Blood Centre, 100 to 120 persons need blood in Lithuania every day. In order to ensure demand for blood and its components, blood centres of Lithuanian major cities should receive around 380-400 donors every day. In Kaunas alone, 100 voluntary blood donors are necessary every day for the hospitals not to experience the lack of blood.

In the words of Artūras Venslauskas, director of Kaunas Blood Donors Centre, it is our duty to help persons, who are severely ill. “I am happy that not only medical community contributes to the encouragement of blood donation. We welcome the initiative of such a big company as Ūkio bankas,” Mr Artūras Venslauskas said.

Next year too, Ūkio bankas plans to contribute to blood donation.

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