Ūkio bankas will offer a fixed-rate bond issue

Ūkio bankas will offer a fixed-rate bond issue

On 17 February of this year, Ūkio bankas starts offering a fixed-rate bond issue in the Litas. Bond issue term: 90 days. Nominal value of one bond: LTL 100.

Clients will be able to acquire bonds offered by Ūkio bankas from 17 until 26 February. Having acquired the fixed-rate bonds in the Litas their owners will earn the annual interest of 12 percent.

“Under current unstable situation on the share market bonds are one of the most reliable savings tools. The offered bonds are especially attractive not only by the annual return of 12 percent but also by a short term. 90-day maturity bonds are a perfect alternative to the time deposit suitable to a cautious investor who is not willing to run a risk,” Marius Arlauskas, director of Ūkio bankas Financial Institutions and Fund Raising Department, said.

The accrued interest will be paid at the end of the term, i. e. on 28 May. The smallest number bonds offered for acquisition to one investor is 10, and the biggest is not limited.

Ūkio bankas bonds are offered at all Bank’s branches and units. The rapidest and simplest way of acquiring them is via electronic banking system Eta bankas. You will find more information about bond issues and likely risk of investment in the Bond Prospectus available in Ūkio bankas branches and units or on the website www.ub.lt.

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