BIBA comment - ABI report on Age and insurance

BIBA comment - ABI report on Age and insurance

Following the launch of the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) report: Age and Insurance: Helping older customers find the cover they need, please find below a comment from BIBA.

Graeme Trudgill, BIBA Technical and Corporate Affairs Executive, said:

“The ABI’s report recognises that older consumers do not always know where to look to find travel and motor insurance cover. This has been demonstrated through the calls received to BIBA’s consumer helpline which has assisted tens of thousands of consumers, many of whom have been refused by direct insurers or big name brands. Insurance brokers use their expertise to arrange cover for older consumers and those with medical conditions, placing them with suitable providers.

“Although many consumers may feel that they can’t find cover, the simple solution is to use the BIBA consumer helpline (0870 950 1790) to find an insurance broker to arrange insurance protection. The important thing is to make sure that consumers have protection and do not risk being uninsured.

“BIBA will continue to work with the Government, the ABI, the age charities and other stakeholders to ensure a fairer system for older people in the forthcoming Equality Bill. BIBA strongly urges Government to maintain a fair system of risk based pricing.”

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