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Aviva Scrip dividend timetable - 2008 final dividend

* Ordinary Shares of 25 pence each

Further to the announcement made on 5 March 2009, the company has withdrawn the Aviva Dividend Reinvestment Plan and would like to invite shareholders to participate in the Aviva Scrip Dividend Scheme with effect from the 2008 final dividend proposed to be paid on 15 May 2009. The Scheme is subject to shareholder approval at the 2009 Annual General Meeting on 29 April 2009. Shareholders will be sent information on the Aviva Scrip Dividend Scheme shortly (following the mailing, this will also be available on the company’s website, www.aviva.com).

Aviva plc announces the following dates for the 2008 final dividend:

2008 final dividend

Ex-Dividend date - 25 March 2009
Price setting period for the Scrip - 25-31 March 2009 (inclusive)
Calculation price*
Record date - 27 March 2009
Scrip calculation price* announced - 1 April 2009
Last date for receipt of Scrip elections - 24 April 2009 (5pm)
Dividend payment date - 15 May 2009

*Based on the average of the middle market quotations of Aviva plc ordinary shares derived from the London Stock Exchange Daily Official List for the five consecutive business days 25, 26, 27, 30 and 31 March 2009 inclusive.

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