New leadership team and reorganisation plans Aviva France

New leadership team and reorganisation plans Aviva France

On 3 April, Aviva France, a major player in life insurance and long-term savings, asset management and general insurance, announced to the works council and managing directors, the composition of a new executive committee.

Going forward, Jean-Pierre Menanteau, chief executive officer, and Philippe Sorret, executive director, will be joined by:

* Jean-Luc François, executive director, finance and risks, whose responsibilities will also now include financial control and general insurance actuarial reserving;
* Aymeric Oudin, secretary-general, whose responsibilities will also now include client services (back-office) and who will be responsible for the modernisation of the legal departments and general control until the end of the year;
* Sylvain Rivet, in charge of our partnership with Afer, will now also be responsible for the development of all partnerships including bancassurance;
* Nicolas Schimel, executive director of Union Financière de France (UFF), will head up the project which focuses on creating a distribution function for the whole Aviva group in France, in addition to his existing responsibilities as executive director of UFF;
* Philippe Achalme, who has been promoted to director of human resources for Aviva Europe Retail, will be in charge of the human resources department in France as well as its reorganisation. He is already supervising this project at a European level;
* Eric Duval de la Guierce and Jean-François Boulier: Aviva Investors France, functions remain unchanged;
* Claude Zaouati, promoted to the executive committee, will be leading the project on new general insurance and health product functions, including products and commercial lines (professional, construction, agriculture), including legal protection.

Three external directors will be joining the executive committee in several weeks’ time:

* Sylvie Bratel, who has extensive experience in finance and strategy in the bank and insurance sectors, will take on the post of head of Strategy;
* Christian Martin, a recognised expert in the areas of development of life products and actuarial activities, will take on similar responsibilities at Aviva;
* Laurent Thérézien, whose career to date has focused on consumer goods and services marketing, internet and executive management of financial services, brings his talents to Aviva with a view to creating a marketing, client management and direct activities function and will supervise the communications activities;

This new team which will be responsible for setting up a new and more efficient governance programme, will have more shared and clear responsibilities and will be a reorganised, more structured organisation allowing us to further implement the “One Aviva, twice the value” strategy in France as part of an increasingly European outlook.

To this end, a period of information, consultation and consideration of the finer details of the desired developments begins with an information meeting for the works council today, 3 April, and implementation will take effect from the beginning of June, after consultation with our social partners.

This new organisation and reinforcement of teams within Aviva France aims in particular to allow Aviva France to consolidate the development of partnerships, the consistency and dynamism of piloting distribution channels, respecting the governance of the UFF, the growing strength of skills in terms of marketing and a strengthened client vision, a developed brand and a more assertive presence in direct and web activities. It also focuses on pursuing continued adaptation of Life and general insurance products to the needs of our clients, notably through consolidating their sustainable development dimension, and on sharing best practice and synergies within the Aviva group in France.

Jean-Pierre Menanteau, chief executive officer, Aviva France, stated: “Aviva France has three main reasons for change. First, it’s about reaching new levels of modernisation after an intense period of recovery over the last few years in terms of profit and efficiency at Aviva France. In the current exceptional financial context, it is also appropriate to achieve increased clarity, which will drive us to actively prepare for the transformations that the financial crisis has brought about in our markets and for our clients. Finally, we are increasingly participating in the construction of an integrated Aviva group in Europe. Along with Philippe Sorret, I am particularly pleased to welcome new talents to our ambitious project and to see directors at Aviva France promoted to the European level.”

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