It pays to go back to basics says Friends Provident

It pays to go back to basics says Friends Provident

The latest Online Seminar from Friends Provident proved a hit with advisers with 208 attending the live event and a further 50 advisers viewing the online seminar using the on demand facility after the event. The Seminar was hosted by Ed Stuart-Brown, head of protection sales at Friends Provident and the subject discussed was ‘Selling Protection effectively - going back to basics.’

Feedback received at the live event shows it helps to go back to basics. The positive feedback was received from a broad range of advisers, from those new to the protection market to the more experienced advisers looking to refresh and improve their skills, who still found it useful to have a refresher on the basics.

One of the most useful sales tips according to feedback was the recommendation to be bold and ask up front for recommendations at the beginning of the meeting with a client rather than the end.

To support the Seminar a new podcast has been recorded called ‘Protection Selling Concepts’ which takes advisers through 7 tried and tested sales techniques. So far over 80 advisers have logged in to the Info Centre and downloaded this podcast. It is part one of a series being developed by Friends Provident in response to requests from advisers asking for podcasts.

Ed Stuart-Brown, head of protection sales at Friends Provident, said:

“I am pleased by the feedback we’ve received, because it’s clear that in the current climate there is a demand for any training that will help advisers close that sale. As a result of the ongoing success of the Seminars we are committed to doing more skills based training and would welcome thoughts from advisers on topics and areas we should cover.”

Advisers can submit their ideas through their IFA or through the FP extranet at

Ed continued:

“We are looking at different ways of making this information available so that advisers can use the seminar as the basis for staff training to be more effective at selling. The remote learning approach had gone down well with advisers as it’s an effective use of their time and takes away the need to travel to train.”

Friends Provident will be hosting a series of online seminars and podcasts throughout 2009.

Advisers who missed the event can view a recording, through the Friends Provident adviser site They can also download the Selling Concepts podcast.

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