New name: the AMB Generali Group becomes the Generali Deutschland Group

New name: the AMB Generali Group becomes the Generali Deutschland Group

* roup holding company changes name to “Generali Deutschland Holding AG” at beginning of the year
* Name changes also for Group companies previously having “AMB” in their name
* Group benefiting from the value of the international “Generali” brand

“Generali Deutschland Holding AG” is the new name of the Group holding company of the Generali Deutschland Group since the turn of the year. Simultaneously all service providers of the previous AMB Generali Group change their names, too. Following this name change, the Generali Deutschland Group – the second-largest primary insurance Group in the German market – will benefit even more from the name recognition, size and strength of the “Generali” brand with its international renown.

With its name change at the beginning of the year, Generali Deutschland implemented the resolution adopted by the majority of shareholders at the company’s general meeting of May 6, 2008. The abbreviation “AMB” originally stood for “Aachener und Münchener Beteiligungsgesellschaft”. The main reason for deleting it is due to the fact that the abbreviation no longer reflects the actual structure of the Group. An additional reason is the management and reinforcement of the “Generali” brand in Germany. “The name Generali has a very high brand value and first-class standing on an international level. In Germany, we will increasingly benefit from this in the future”, explains Dietmar Meister, the Chief Executive of Generali Deutschland. “The harmonization of our corporate design with that of the international Generali Group is an even clearer signal that we are part of a strong international group.”

In the future, Generali Versicherungen as well as all service providers of the German group will operate under Generali Deutschland Holding as parent company and under the common name of the Generali brand. The Generali Deutschland Group will thus sustainably reinforce the name recognition of the brand in Germany. The Generali Deutschland Group also includes AachenMünchener, CosmosDirekt, Central Krankenversicherung, Advocard Rechtsschutzversicherung, Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia and Dialog.

With a premium income of about € 14 bn and more than 13.5 million customers, the Generali Deutschland Group is the second-largest primary insurance group in the German market.

Simultaneously with the name change to Generali Deutschland Holding AG, those Group companies previously having “AMB Generali” in their name were also renamed as follows at the turn of the year:

* Generali Deutschland Immobilien GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali Immobilien GmbH)
* Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali Informatik Services GmbH)
* Generali Deutschland Pensionskasse AG
(previously: AMB Generali Pensionskasse AG)
* Generali Deutschland Schadenmanagement GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali Schadenmanagement GmbH)
* Generali Deutschland Services GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali Services GmbH)
* Generali Deutschland SicherungsManagement GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali SicherungsManagement GmbH)
* Generali Deutschland Finanzdienstleistung GmbH
(previously: AMB Generali Finanzdienstleistung GmbH)

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