Clean car spells romance over flash wheels this Valentine’s

Clean car spells romance over flash wheels this Valentine’s

Forget the flash car if you’re hoping to pull this Valentine’s Day – a clean and functional car is most likely to spell romance for singles than a flash set of wheels.

According to a survey carried out by ACF Car Finance Ltd, a flash sports car that’s untidy and smells is one of the biggest turn offs when it comes to winning the heart of Mr or Mrs right on Valentine’s Day.
Over two thirds of the 1,500 respondents surveyed would prefer their date to turn up in a tidy, reliable run-around over a pongy sports car.

And it seems women are far more choosy when it comes to the cleanliness of their other halves wheels. The poll found that 74% of women preferred a clean, functional car over a dirty sports number, compared to just over half of men who would prefer the same.

Cardiff sweethearts are the poll’s official ‘clean car cupids’ with 78% of them voting cleanliness over luxury. Manchester and Bristol motorists could also be coming up roses in the romance stakes with 76% of Manchester dates and 75% of Bristol Valentine’s preferring shiny and functional over flashy and smelly.

The Irish seem to be the least choosy when it comes to first impressions with almost half of all Belfast people admitting they wouldn’t mind what their date turned up in. Age also seems to matter when weighing up how to impress your date this Valentine’s; with up to 33% of over 55’s claiming they wouldn’t mind either way what their date turned up in, as long as they turned up!

Twenty and thirty-something singletons, should get the sponges out to impress their date, with 75% preferring a clean and functional car over a flash set of wheels.

“We listen to our customers to ensure we’re always aware of their changing needs. We buy what we can sell, not sell what we can buy!” explains Steve Butler, National Sales Manager at ACF Car Finance.

“This survey shows that contrary to popular belief, clean and functional cars certainly have the most pulling power. We have seen a significant trend towards practical over the past few years; people are generally downsizing, so this research is great news for our customers.”

He added: “If clean and functional spells romance, then our customers can rest-assured this Valentine’s. ACF Car Finance stocks a wide range of popular makes and models, all of which are valeted to a high standard. Customers can drive away the same day - in time for Valentine’s.”

ACF Car Finance Ltd is a privately owned UK company which specialises in providing quality used cars and arranging car finance. It operates a network of eight used car branches across the UK including Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Dunstable, Maidstone and Isleworth.

The company allows customers to conveniently apply for car finance online, via telephone or by visiting a branch directly.

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