Duffy drives us safely home

Duffy drives us safely home

ACF Car Finance has reacted to international research which reveals that music tempo increases driving risks, by launching its own music chart which polls this week’s top ten in order of tempo to support safer driving.

Jane Whittle, spokesperson from ACF Car Finance said: “Cars are currently the most popular and frequently reported location for listening to music.* We all know about distractions such as mobile phones, yet the majority of us aren’t advised about the effects of music on driving performance.”

A team of scientists at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel carried out the study exploring the effect of music tempo on driving. They found that music tempo consistently affected both driving speed and the driver’s perceived speed estimates: as the tempo of background music increased, so too did the driving speed and the driver’s speed estimate. The tempo of background music also consistently affected the frequency of traffic violations; disregarded red traffic-lights, road crossings and collisions were most frequent with fast-paced music.

ACF Car Finance also ran a recent consumer survey which revealed that 73% of respondents admitted to having speeded in the past and of those over 70% revealed that they listened to loud rock and fast dance music.

Eve Oldfield, Cognitive Neuroscience specialist said: “The study results imply that music tempo increases driving risks by competing for attentional space in the brain; the driver is distracted and driving capacity reduced with the increase in the number of temporal events which must be processed and require larger memory storage.”

“This is one of the first pieces of research that analyses the correlation between music tempo and driving capacity and proves that it’s an important subject which requires further focus.”

ACF Car Finance recruited musicians to review this week’s current top ten and place them in order of tempo. Whilst the official single topping the charts this week is Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’, ACF Car Finance’s number one chart tune to drive to is actually ‘Love Song’ by Taylor Swift. The ‘Rockferry’ album by blonde bombshell and recent Brit winner Duffy, was also highlighted as having a good tempo to drive to.

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