Roger Davies to lead Team Standard Life in the “World’s Toughest Race” to the North Pole

Roger Davies to lead Team Standard Life in the “World’s Toughest Race” to the North Pole

On Sunday 29 March, 61 year old Roger Davies will set off from Cheam, Surrey, to lead Team Standard Life in the 2009 Polar Race, a 400 mile trek from Resolute Bay, Northern Canada to the North Pole.

Described as the “World’s Toughest Race” it will see Roger and a team mate haul a sled, on foot, across hostile terrain and in extreme weather conditions against five other teams to be the first to the North Pole. Roger is using the expedition to raise money for his local charity, the Tadworth Children”s Trust, which supports children with multiple disabilities and complex health care needs.

Rhona Cameron, Head of Group Brand Strategy, Standard Life commented: “We are delighted to support Roger and help him to complete one of the most extraordinary physical challenges in the world. Roger epitomises what is possible by staying active and being ambitious into so called “old age”. He is an inspiration to us all and we wish him the very best of luck in the next few weeks.”

Roger Davies commented: “After months of preparation and training, I am tremendously excited to be about to set off for the Polar Race 2009. As I grow older, I have no intention of slowing down and being a typical retiree. My ambition was to get to the North Pole and I am very grateful for the support of Standard Life, without which this expedition would not have been possible.”

Standard Life is sponsoring Roger Davies as part of the active money SIPP campaign which has been launched in recognition that baby boomers are not growing old like the generations before them. Over 46 year olds have greater ambitions for their future than ever before and need their money to be more active. For more information, visit To find out more about Roger’s expedition and receive daily updates on his progress during the race go to

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