Bikesure Babes at BMF Show 2009 —

Bikesure Babes at BMF Show 2009

East of England Showground, Peterborough 16th – 17th May
Bikesure’s Babes, the hottest girls in bike insurance, are making an appearance at the BMF Show 2009, 16th – 17th May. The Babes are all beautiful insurance executives who work for Bikesure and its parent company, Adrian Flux Insurance Services. Their fame is spreading and after production of their 2009 calendar they expect quite a few fans to show up.
“We hope the sun will be shining as we will be there in our lycra,” say the Babes. “But if the British weather takes a turn for the worst we’ll just put up umbrellas. It takes a lot to dampen our spirits.”
What’s more the Babes are not there just as eye candy, they will also be explaining to visitors about the generous insurance deals Bikesure, one of the UK\’s leading motorcycle insurance specialists, offers. They include up to 15% discount on insurance for recognized bike club members. Nothing beats talking to insurance experts first hand - especially gorgeous ones! The Babes are there to offer insurance advice and even give instant quotes, so visitors can compare rates and cover with their current policy.
Bikesure is even offering on-the-spot cover if anyone wants to start a policy there and then. Bikesure\’s policies include a Helmet and Leather policy that offers up to Ł1000 on all leathers - jacket, trousers, boots, gloves and helmets - for only Ł20, and a One2Five scheme that covers brands that many other companies can\’t or won\’t touch.
Bikesure is 100% British owned and based. It has a huge range of specialist policies for the motorcycle enthusiast, including cheap bike insurance schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000 or email the company at For more information visit

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