Bikesure launches classic bike-sidecar insurance

Bikesure launches classic bike-sidecar insurance


Bikesure launches agreed-value scheme for classic motorcycle-sidecar combos.

Bikesure reports a rise in recent months of people finding it hard to insure classic motorcycle-sidecar combinations, and has introduced a scheme to make it easier.

Motorcycle-sidecar combinations aren’t seen often these days. But they haven’t gone away, and there’s something extremely ‘retro’ about them that retains a loyal following. They feel more like classics than regular runabouts, with a value beyond a simple eBay price.

Which is where Bikesure’s new Sidecar Insurance comes in handy. Valuation is a big issue for sidecar combos, says Bikesure’s Paul Hammond. “Few are made any more, and quite a few were private adaptations anyway. It seems that many insurers won’t adjust their valuation to take account of the rarity. However, our scheme makes an extra effort to agree a value, often over the phone, so the combination can be covered while an independent valuation is arranged.”

Paul Hammond adds that the scheme can even cover riders with only provisional licenses, provided the sidecar adaptation doesn’t have an excessive power/weight ratio.

“In addition, we’ve found that many sidecar combinations are driven comparatively little, and are more for show and fun than everyday travel,” he points out. “So a limited mileage option can reduce the policy significantly. For example we could set the limits between 1,000 and 3,000 miles per year, for a reduction in premium of perhaps 15%.”

Bikesure is 100% British owned and based. It has a huge range of specialist policies for the enthusiast, including cheap motorcycle insurance schemes not only for traditional motorcycle/sidecars, but also for specialist performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders.

For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000, email the company at or visit

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