Cheap Public Liability insurance for Motorcycle clubs

Cheap Public Liability insurance for Motorcycle clubs

In the old days, motorcycle show and event organisers would have public liability insurance that covered all the clubs who attended. These days, post 9/11, public liability is a huge expense and organisers simply can\’t afford that level of cover. So every club that wants to attend events has to have its own public liability (PL) insurance. The problem is that PL is expensive - and many clubs simply can\’t afford it.

Now Bikesure has launched a pared-down version of PL that\’s designed specifically for bike clubs. It has all the cover that a club needs, but costs significantly less.

The new scheme is the brainchild of Bikesure\’s club liaison manager Craig Darwin. \”We deal with hundreds of motorbike clubs and public liability is a huge issue, especially for the smaller ones,\” he says. \”We\’ve been working closely with them to find out what they specifically need - and we\’ve used that information to create a cheaper PL scheme.\” For example, Bikesure found there were some parts of a standard PL policy that clubs could do without - such as slander and libel cover. On the other hand, clubs did need cover for the t-shirts, caps, badges and other regalia they bring to sell at events.

\”We developed the scheme in conjunction with Norwich Union, who have now signed it off - so we\’re ready to roll it out,\” Craig adds.

The Bikesure PL scheme means clubs will pay as little as Ł110 per year for standard public liability insurance, with up to Ł1million PL cover. It also covers up to Ł2,500 worth of club regalia.

The \’off the shelf\’ version of Bikesure\’s new PL policy will cover a club for up to twelve events per year. For bigger clubs that may attend more events, or want more than Ł1million PL cover, Bikesure can build a bespoke public liability policy - and Craig Darwin says it should still be cheaper than what\’s currently available.

The Bikesure public liability scheme was developed specifically for the company\’s customers and is available to all motorcycle clubs that have an association with Bikesure.

Bikesure, part of the Adrian Flux Insurance Group, is 100% British owned and based. It has a huge range of specialist policies for motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts, including cheap bike insurance schemes for performance and custom bikes, scooters, trikes, quads and bug riders. For details freephone the Bikesure quote line on 0800 089 2000, email the company at or visit

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