Family fleet insures all the family’s cars and bikes

Family fleet insures all the family’s cars and bikes

New scheme from Flux Private Clients insures all the family’s vehicles

Even in these credit crunch days, families often run several vehicles - it’s not unusual for a four-person household to have more than four cars. As well as each member having their own motor, the family may own weekend runabouts, such as a classic or a 4×4, and maybe some fun vehicles like a quad bike or kit car. If they own a holiday home they may keep a vehicle there, too.

Insuring all these vehicles separately can be an expensive and time-consuming pain, especially if several (or all) family members need to drive several (or all) of the vehicles. Now Adrian Flux Insurance Services has launched a ‘family fleet’ scheme that allows families to have all their vehicles under one policy, with all family members allowed to drive them.

The Family Fleet scheme is part of the new Flux Private Clients division, a VIP insurance service for people of high net worth. It’s also for those who don’t have time to organise their various personal insurance policies - or who prefer to let someone else look after all the hassle.

“The key factors with the Family Fleet scheme are its simplicity and flexibility,” explains Julie Carter of Flux Private Clients. “From the family’s point of view it makes life very simple, with one premium and one point of contact for all the vehicles.

“It’s flexible because of Flux’s motoring expertise - along with standard cars we can insure just about any driver and any vehicle, from high value supercars to classics, kits, modified motors, motorhomes and commercial vehicles. The Family Fleet scheme can also cover all sorts of motorbikes, trikes and quad bikes.”

Flux Private Clients is part of the Adrian Flux Insurance Services Group. The service is designed to manage all an individual’s or family’s insurance needs, including vehicle and home insurance, offering an ‘umbrella’ policy that can be tailored to each person’s circumstances. For information freephone 0800 0895550 or email

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