Heath Lambert pioneers new LIFT facility

Heath Lambert pioneers new LIFT facility

Heath Lambert, the UK’s largest independent insurance broker, has devised an innovative and unique facility for Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) clients to efficiently manage their insurance needs.

LIFT is a vehicle for improving and developing frontline primary and community care facilities, such as the replacement of GP houses with state of the art facilities. The LIFT concept has inspired partnerships to create integrated facilities, and has enabled true innovation and community care models to be developed within one building.

The facility devised by Heath Lambert is the first of its kind. It provides an effective way of managing all the different insurances that are required whilst in construction and throughout the lifetime of the operation of primary and community care facilities, by combining all project insurances into one portfolio. Without such a facility, if a number of sites are becoming operational at different times, there would be a number of renewal dates throughout the year for each site, which would become complex and time consuming to manage and would increase the likelihood of error.

Heath Lambert is highly experienced in this area, having worked with LIFT clients since the first project in 2002. It has used this experience to develop this facility exclusively for its clients. The benefits include:

• A seamless transition through construction into operational phase
• Portfolio arrangement generating economies of scale
• Common renewal dates proving efficient delivery
• In-depth knowledge of risk throughout
• Valuation services
• Due diligence reports ensuring compliance

Pauline Goreham, Director of Project Risks said:

“We are delighted to offer this cutting-edge product to our clients. The ultimate aim of our LIFT initiative is to ensure efficiency across all placements, a continuation of knowledge throughout the various stages and the peace of mind of having a knowledgeable broker, allowing the other parties to concentrate on their core competencies. We are experts in this field, and now provide insurance placement for LIFT companies spanning 43 sites, with a healthy pipeline of business. No one else in the market can provide this facility at the moment.”

Wayne Walbrook, 0perations Manager, Fulcrum Infrastructure Management Limited said:

“By arranging our insurances under their exclusive facility, Heath Lambert has saved us money and provided an excellent service; insurance is no longer an issue.’’

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