Congestion charging survey suggests schemes are a dead duck to UK motorists

Congestion charging survey suggests schemes are a dead duck to UK motorists

Only one in three motorists say congestion charging in their town or city would make them use their car less. While fewer than a quarter of motorists believe other cities should follow London and introduce congestion charge zones. This is the outcome of research by car insurance expert, Admiral.

As councils up and down the UK continue with plans to introduce congestion charging, Admiral has surveyed over 2,500 motorists for their opinion on the issue. People in Manchester recently voted against a congestion charge zone in the city, and Admiral’s poll suggests the idea is just as unpopular elsewhere too.

Only 23% said other towns and cities should introduce congestion charge zones. Only Northern Ireland has a large group of motorists in favour of the idea, 42% in the province said they should be introduced. The next closest region is the South West, where 29% said they should.

Motorists in the North East are the least in favour of congestion charge zones, with only 13% there saying they should be introduced in other towns and cities.

Admiral’s research also suggests congestion charging might not have the desired affect of getting motorists to use their cars less often. Only 34% said it would make then use their car less. When looking regionally, this rises to 39% in the North East and 38% in Scotland.

However, congestion charging could have another effect, one in five motorists questioned said they would consider moving house to escape the zone. This was highest in London, where an extension of the current zone has recently been dropped, and in the west Midlands. 26% in both these parts of the UK said a congestion zone would make them consider moving.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn said, “Several UK cities and regions are considering introducing congestion charging including Bristol, the West Midlands and Tyneside. Our research suggests if there was a referendum, residents would vote against it, as people in Manchester and Edinburgh have already done.

With the country in recession you’d have to ask is it a good time to consider hitting motorists with further costs? I reckon it will be a long time before we see other towns and cities following London’s example, if ever.”

Respondents to the survey living in London were asked also for their opinion of the scheme in the capital. 44% said they are against the London congestion charge, with 34% saying they are in favour of it. One in four of those questioned said if the zone in London was extended to where they drive, they would use their car less.

Admiral’s Survey of British Motorists was conducted by YouGov. The total sample size was 2,667 adults. The survey was carried out online.

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