Motorists hail cabbies as least courteous drivers

Motorists hail cabbies as least courteous drivers

Taxi drivers are the least courteous and most irritating motorists on our roads, according to a poll of UK motorists by insurance specialist, Admiral.

The survey of over 700 people quizzed drivers on theirs and other road users’ courtesy, or lack of it and found that the motorists frowned upon the most were the nation’s cabbies.

Alternately, elderly drivers were deemed the most courteous although they were also voted second in the list of the most irritating drivers.

According to Admiral’s research, British motorists are fairly courteous on the whole, although there is room for improvement. Nine out of ten motorists often let other motorists out of side roads, while 64% always thank other motorists for giving way.

Only 10% rarely or never let pedestrians cross the road in front of them and only 3% rarely or never make space for cyclists.

However 63% of all drivers have shouted or gesticulated at other road users who have annoyed them, and 58% have sounded their horn at other motorists.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said, “We asked motorists a range of questions to find out just how courteous they are when they get behind the wheel, and most do show consideration to other road users.

“Although we like to think of ourselves as a courteous nation, it’s clear that sometimes the pressure and stress of driving in this day and age can get the better of us and courtesy goes out the window.”

The UK’s motorists also display bad manners in the way they drive. 56% admit to jumping queues of stationary traffic, 19% have raced another motorist at traffic lights and 24% have also tailgated a car they don’t think is going fast enough.

Sue Longthorn added, “I know it’s easy to say but we’d like to ask all motorists to try and show a bit more politeness and courtesy to other road users. Perhaps then we can all make driving a more pleasurable experience for everyone.”

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