Ūkio bankas deposit campaign will ensure yet higher interest

Ūkio bankas deposit campaign will ensure yet higher interest
2009 03 16

With the aim to encourage clients to save money, Ūkio bankas introduces a deposit campaign “Interest can also raise interest!“ During this campaign interest will accrue not only on the principal amount but also on the interest accrued per month: at the end of each month interest will be credited to the deposit account and interest for every subsequent month will be calculated on the sum total of the principal and the accrued interest.

This deposit campaign will be held by Ūkio bankas from 16 March to 26 April.

“As we understand people’s need to save money, we offer better conditions of saving funds and receiving yet higher interest on deposits,” Balanda Bradulskienė, director of Ūkio bankas Product Development Department, said. “We want to make our present and future clients happy not only with Ūkio bankas high interest on deposits but also with a new deposit campaign. The monthly interest accrued during this campaign will be added to the principal amount and interest for the subsequent month will be calculated on a bigger amount.”

In the words of Mrs. Bradulskienė, interest on deposits in Ūkio bankas reaches 10.3 percent, and the new offer should be attractive to the clients by the possibility to increase the amount allotted for saving.

The clients, who place deposits using Ūkio bankas electronic banking system Eta bankas during this campaign, will receive yet higher interest on deposits. Deposits with maturity up to 12 months will additionally yield 0.1 percent higher interest, and deposits with 12-month and longer maturity – 0.2 percent bigger interest.

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