Ūkio bankas presented R. Rakauskas’ monograph to Lithuanian libraries

Ūkio bankas presented R. Rakauskas’ monograph to Lithuanian libraries

Ūkio bankas financially supported the publishing of a monograph by Romualdas Rakauskas, one of Lithuania’s most prominent photographers. The monograph contains the artists’ best works of all times. The Bank presented Lithuanian libraries with part of the circulation of this unique album, reflecting the live classic’s creative path.

R. Rakauskas, a member of the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers and the International Federation of Photographic Art, collected the best works of his life in this album. Here readers will find not only the photographer’s best works such as “Švelnumas”, “Žydėjimas” or “Mūsų Veidai” but also photographs showing the moments of life in small towns, authentic festivals, already varnishing characters of people and landscapes not scarred by industries.

“The name of Romualdas Rakauskas is associated with rich experience in photographic art. His works are under no influence of modern technical novelties. The author’s ability to make the subtly caught moments alive deserves admiration. We are happy to be able to cooperate with this Lithuanian artist and contribute to the implementation of his creative activities,” Gintaras Ugianskis, chairman of Ūkio bankas Board, said.

Ūkio bankas presented Lithuanian libraries with more than 150 albums thus granting the possibility to a wider circle of people to enjoy this unique collection of photographs. “Undoubtedly, this long-awaited collection of the best works by R. Rakauskas is a valuable present to all lovers of photographic art. This rich monograph of the photographer’s creative path will help everyone to forget the daily round for a while and move to a picturesque world of the artist,” Mr Ugianskis said.

Ūkio bankas, through constant cooperation with young and already famous national and foreign artists, has the aim to create a society of culture and show that mental perfection of the whole nation is of no less importance than successful investment. The collection of this outstanding artist is one more contribution to the culture of Lithuania. Ūkio bankas supports and always wants to actively cooperate in developing cultural projects, supporting young talents and promoting Lithuania’s meritorious artists.

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