Netherlands: Delta Lloyd Group sharpens strategic edge with scenarios

Netherlands: Delta Lloyd Group sharpens strategic edge with scenarios

Is there a future after the crisis?
As the credit crisis continues to rage, Delta Lloyd Group sees this as the right time to look forward. Together with scenario developer Robert Bood, Delta Lloyd Group has developed scenarios to help create a strategy in these turbulent times.

With the “Fragmentation” and “New Balances” scenarios that were presented yesterday, Delta Lloyd is preparing itself for the future: for the transformations that lie ahead and their wider implications for the financial world, Delta Lloyd Group, customers and all other stakeholders.

The scenarios unveiled yesterday at the prestigious Harvard Faculty Club of Harvard University in Boston give a vision on our world in 2025. Will the crisis persist for years to come and fragment the global (economy) or is this the start of new opportunities and new balances?

In “Fragmentation” economic problems escalate, heralding prolonged periods of global stagnation. With social contrasts widening and political coalitions falling apart, lively virtual communities spring up and flourish. In “New Balances” sustainability and respect set the tone around the world, offering new players and initiatives ample scope to evolve and thrive. Governments and companies invest heavily in renewable energy and ambitious environmental goals. In the West, wellbeing prevails over economic prosperity to form the basis for radical social and economic renewal.

Niek Hoek, chairman of the executive board of Delta Lloyd Group: “When the credit crisis started to spread like wildfire across the world, we decided to develop scenarios for the unknown future. There is no doubt that the current developments in the financial markets will strongly shape the coming years. But we are looking further ahead. And by using these scenarios to ‘practice for the future’, we are sharpening our strategic edge and doing everything possible to fulfil our customer pledge: ‘The Future Secured’.”

To identify the external forces that will dominate Delta Lloyd Group’s business context of the future, we spoke to more than fifty people inside and outside the company. In line with the scenario methodology, these talks were mainly about the future social, ecological and economic context in which the financial sector must operate. The current scenarios form the sequel to the scenarios that Delta Lloyd Group developed in 2004/05, and will help Delta Lloyd Group to prepare for the evolving situation in the financial world.

Robert Bood, partner at Fairsights: “Scenario thinking is an indispensable instrument for companies to get a grip on an uncertain future. By thinking through the implications of entirely different future scenarios, you acquire growing insight into the forces that will determine the dynamics of the future environment. So do scenarios foresee everything that the future might throw at us? Certainly not, scenarios are not forecasts in any shape or form. The purpose of scenario thinking is not to know the future, but to prepare for the challenges of possible and, even entirely unforeseeable, futures.”

A summary of the scenarios, the full text (in PDF format) and the possibility to comment/blog about the future of financial services can be found on our blog or via our website

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